B² Network is a Layer-2 solution that bolsters transaction speed and broadens application diversity without sacrificing security. B² Network is the first zero-knowledge proof verification commitment rollup on Bitcoin. Leveraging rollup technology, B² Network provides a platform capable of running Turing-complete smart contracts for off-chain transactions, which enhances transaction efficiency and minimizes costs. Additionally, zero-knowledge proof technology is employed in tandem with gate commitment and challenge-response of Taproot to guarantee transactional privacy and security during confirmation on Bitcoin. The network's objective is to metamorphose Bitcoin into a versatile platform, paving the way for groundbreaking applications such as DeFi, NFTs, and other decentralized systems. Overall, B² Network epitomizes a harmonized progression, upholding Bitcoin’s core values while navigating the future digital asset landscape.

Core Values

  • Bitcoin's Evolution Beyond Payments

Bitcoin's significance isn't limited to just being a payment network. Its foundational principles make it ripe for more profound evolution and integration into a broader spectrum of financial services and applications.

  • Nurturing BTC-related Assets

BTC and its related assets require a fertile ground - an ecosystem where they don't just exist but thrive. This includes realms like Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Social Finance (SocialFi), and more. These avenues represent the next phase of Bitcoin's integration into global financial systems.

  • EVM-Compatible Ecosystem Alignment

Ethereum's Virtual Machine (EVM) has carved a dominant space in the crypto ecosystem. With over 90% of crypto users interacting with EVM-compatible chains, it's logical and essential that any solution designed for Bitcoin's growth aligns with this user base. By embracing EVM compatibility, B² Network aims to resonate with the operational habits of the majority, ensuring familiarity while introducing innovation.


B² Network envisions a future where Bitcoin's utility and influence aren't just maintained but exponentially expanded. The network seeks to establish a realm where Bitcoin isn't just a digital asset or a store of value but a dynamic platform. It aims for a world where Bitcoin interacts seamlessly with various financial services, tools, and platforms, making it more embedded in everyday transactions and applications.


The mission of B² Network is to build the premier Bitcoin Layer-2 network and revive builder culture.


At its core, B² Network aspires to create the most practical Layer-2 solution for Bitcoin. This entails a network that isn't just about technical superiority but about real-world applicability. It's about ensuring that users, be they individuals or enterprises, find tangible benefits in using this network, from faster transaction times, reduced fees, to innovative financial tools.

  • Reviving builder culture

Bitcoin began as a revolution, a response to traditional financial systems, and a vision of a decentralized future. Early adopters weren't just users; they were builders - individuals and groups passionate about creating, refining, and expanding. B² Network seeks to reignite this builder culture. By offering tools, platforms, and opportunities, it aims to transform users from mere participants to active contributors, fostering an environment of innovation and growth. Developers can easily build DApps and migrate DApps from EVM-compatible ecosystem by B² Network.

In Conclusion, B² Network isn't just another addition to the crypto ecosystem. It's a testament to the belief that Bitcoin's journey is far from over. By staying true to core values, driven by a clear vision, and propelled by an actionable mission, B² Network stands as a beacon for the next phase of Bitcoin's evolution. As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, B² Network offers a path that respects Bitcoin's origins while fearlessly charting its future.

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