Verify contract code with Hardhat in Explorer

Verify a Smart Contract with hardhat

This section is a guide on how to verify a smart contract on the B² Network using Hardhat. Hardhat is a popular smart contract development frameworks. It is used in the B² rollup as a default for deploying and automatically verifying smart contracts.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Install the hardhat-verify Plugin

Run the following command in the command line to install the hardhat-verify plugin: npm install --save-dev @nomicfoundation/hardhat-verify

2. Configure the hardhat-verify Plugin


module.exports = {
  // ...
  networks: {
    B2Mainnet: {
      url: '',
      chainId: 223,
      accounts: {
  etherscan: {
    apiKey: {
      B2Mainnet: "no-api-key-needed"
    customChains: [
        network: "B2Mainnet",
        chainId: 223,
        urls: {
          apiURL: "",
          browserURL: ""
  // ...

3. Compile Your Smart Contract

Compile your smart contract using Hardhat by running the following command: npx hardhat compile

4. Deploy Your Smart Contract

Deploy your smart contract using Hardhat as you normally would.

5. Verify Your Smart Contract

Run the following command to verify your smart contract: npx hardhat verify --network B2Mainnet CONTRACT_ADDRESS "Constructor argument 1" "Constructor argument 2" ...

Replace CONTRACT_ADDRESS with the address of your deployed contract. If your contract has constructor arguments, include them after the contract address.

6. Check Your Verification Status

After running the verification command, you will receive a verification request ID. You can use this ID to check the status of your verification on the block explorer.

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