Bridge to B² Mainnet

  1. Enter the official website, and click on “Bridge”. The withdraw function is not yet available. Link:

  1. Connect to the BTC mainnet address

  1. After successfully connecting the wallet, enter the cross-chain amount.

  1. After clicking “Deposit Funds”, confirm by signing in the wallet.

  1. The transaction status can be viewed through the browser or bridge history after the bridge submission has been successfully made. Notice that only after the transaction on the BTC mainnet has exceeded 6 confirmations will the bridge transaction be conducted on the B² Mainnet. The waiting time is 1-2 hours.

  1. Verify if transactions on both chains are successful on the “bridge history” page.

  1. If transactions on both chains are successful, click the address in the top right corner to check if the balance is correct.

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