Buzz Guide

About B² Buzz

B² Buzz is a user reward activity launched by B² Network. The name of the event signifies the buzzing sound of intense mining activity and uses a "mining rig" gameplay theme with a BTC culture element, offering users an engaging experience within the BTC ecosystem.

Key Dates

Users can deposit assets starting from early February till three days before the mainnet launch date. Production of Parts will cease three days before the mainnet launch date. Bridged assets can be withdrawn back to the Layer 1 networks in April 2024. The mining rewards of B² native tokens will be released after the Token Generation Event. Users will be able to withdraw the full amount of rewards they already mined.

Key Highlights

1.Engagement through Invitation: Participants join the B² Buzz event by using an invitation code and depositing various assets like BTC, BRC20, ETH, stablecoins, and MATIC. They receive "mining rig parts" as rewards based on the deposited amount and duration.

2.Collaborative Participation: The event promotes teamwork through its team-building and invitation mechanics, offering rewards from both individual and team deposits. This communal effort leads to unlocking different levels of treasure box rewards.

3.Early Participation Incentives: Early depositors benefit from the early bird rewards, receiving double the benefits for their prompt participation.

Registration and Invitation

1.Accessing the Event Page: Go to the B² Buzz event landing page by entering in your web browser.

2.Starting Registration: Select 'Join Now' to begin the registration process.

3.Invitation Code: Obtain an invitation code from the official Discord and Twitter communities to start the registration.

4.Twitter Connection: Validate the invitation code, then Connect & Follow to authorize and follow @BSquaredNetwork on Twitter. Verify the connection to proceed.

5.Wallet Connection: Choose and connect a wallet address suitable for the assets you plan to deposit. Buzz allows one BTC address and one EVM address connection.

6.Finalize Registration: After linking your wallet, click Continue to complete registration and move to the Bridge page.

7.Bridge Page: This page facilitates fund deposits and sharing of your invitation code. You can also change your bound BTC or EVM address here.

Depositing Assets

1.On the Bridge page, users can choose to deposit assets such as BTC, BRC20 (ORDI, SATS), ETH, USDC, USDT, FDUSD, MATIC, etc. If a BTC address wallet is connected, users can deposit BTC or BRC20 assets from the Bitcoin network. To deposit BTC, enter the amount and click Submit, the wallet transaction will be complete

2.If users choose to deposit BRC20 assets like ORDI or SATS, the system will prompt them to engrave and transfer operations in the OKX or UniSat browser wallet. Users must transfer the engraving to the system via the bound BTC address, and direct transfers from Cex or other exchanges are not allowed. After the transfer is confirmed by the network, click Already deposit to proceed to the Rewards page.

3.If users choose to deposit ETH or corresponding ERC20 assets, switch to the relevant network and wallet address, enter the deposit amount, and after submitting, the wallet transaction will be complete.

4.For users in the engraving community and BTC holders, the Buzz event offers deposit rewards. Users meeting the conditions will see an initial reward prompt, claimable after depositing 0.01BTC or an equivalent asset. Additionally, an early bird reward is available for the first 7 days of the event, offering a doubled rate for mining machine parts generation.

Acquiring Parts to Assemble Mining Rigs

1.After successful deposit, users enter the Rewards page. Users can view their deposited assets , parts generation rate, and the quantity of parts and mining rigs. Initially, due to pending deposit transaction confirmation, users need to wait for network confirmation and refresh the page to update asset and rate information.

2.On the right Tab, click MINE to access the mining rig page. Click Rules to view the rules for mining rig parts and assembly.

3.The rate of obtaining mining rig parts depends on the user's deposit. The deposit amount of the user's direct and second-level invitees, and the early bird activity multiplier bonus. For every total deposit of 0.01 BTC, users can obtain 0.2857 parts per day. Additionally, 16% and 8% of the funds deposited by users’ direct and second-level invitees respectively are factored into the inviter’s generation rate.

4.Mining rig parts are used for assembling mining rigs. There are basic and advanced assemblies, each corresponding to different probabilities of mining rig generation. Mining rigs are categorized into CPU, GPU, and ASIC, with respective computational power values of 10, 100, and 1,000. Once the required number of parts is reached, click Basic or Advanced to start assembling the mining rig, and stay tuned for more surprises.

Team Up to Win Rewards

1.On the right Tab, click INVITE to go to the invitation page. Then click Rules to view the rules for invitation and team rewards.

2.Users form teams with their direct invitees. The total amount of deposits made by team members can trigger milestone treasure box rewards when reaching certain amounts. The event has set up 5 Milestones, with rewards including mining rig fragments, unlock features, increased probabilities, and gifted mining rigs.

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